Wednesday, March 25, 2009


ok, so like i said, I was going to be completely honest here. Today is a bad day. I finally got my period on Monday & felt fine, yesterday I felt fine. Last night I started feeling dizzy, very tired. Middle of the night I developed a horrible headache that had me throwing up & just plain uncomfortable.
Woke this morning still feeling awful. Now, I have had hypoglycemia since I was 13, and do have anemia that gets bad when I have my period.
I don't know if any of it is related. But after talking to Chris & my mom this morning, we all came to the conclusion that I should eat normally today. Go about it like I would if I was having a hypoglycemic attack or that I'm feeling weak from the anemia.
I only had toast with 1/2 a banana this morning just in case I throw up again. But the dizziness is still there .
I think I'm just going to lie back down & reread The Traveler's Gift for the 150th time. I just love that book so much!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no zits!

So Aunt Flo came right.....I really can't stand her but what am I gonna do? Something hit me this morning.....I dont' usually break out bad, never have but I normally get 1 zit right before she comes. One of those painful ones that take forever to come to ahead or go away. I didn't get on this time!!
AND I pulled out these heavy blue sweat pants this morning because I am always so cold when she's around. Last time I wore them, they felt like I was a sausage tied tightly in the middle & was so uncomfortable in them. Today...they fit perfectly and I feel bloated. Go Me Go me!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

unwanted guest

Well, that unwelcome guest showed up...uninvited. I mean, let's face it! I know I can't be pregnant so can't I just get an outie belly button when it's that time of month instead of making me go thru 7 days of discomfort & inconvenience? Wouldn't that be so much better for everyone??

There was an increase on the scale this morning, but I expected it when I saw my enemy was finally here. For the first time in about a month I am having a craving...I want salty chocolate...same thing every time that *^&%*& come to other time...EVER do I crave chocolate or salt. In fact, salt isn't even something I keep handy to use.

Bonus is that I'm drinking the chocolate Isagenix at least the chocolate craving is taking care of.

I was going to start a 2 day cleanse but I just can't with Aunt Flo around. I'll stay on the shake days until it's lighter & I feel emotionally stable LOL KIDDING! I feel fine! But I would rather have the shakes to control the craving then to really cheat.

My tummy doesn't really hurt this time. I am thinking it's the Isagenix! And my regular panties are fitting comfortable even though I have some bloat....first time for as long as I can remember that I don't have to wear my super fat granny panties for Aunt Flo.

Ohhhhh so get this! This weekend was high 40's & low 50's. I spent most of Saturday & Sunday doing yard clean up. Well, as the sun went down on Saturday & we were still putting together the swing set @@ (a long story LOL) it got cold. So I grabbed the first jacket in the I haven't worn in a few years because I couldn't close zipped!! Zipped all the way up! I could bend a little but it got tight as I did....then on Sunday I again, grabbed the first lighter jacket I could find. I put it on not intending to close it, but just to have it on to keep me a little warm. I stuck my hand in the pocket & found this ticket stub thing from something we went to with Criss Angel in 2003! I haven't worn that jacket since 2003...out of curiousity I snapped it shut...the entire thing closed! When I bent over, they popped open...but I still got them closed!!! That is A HUGE DEAL!!!
UGH! I was going to measure myself...OK after Aunt Flo leaves I have to measure myself. I know from my panties that I have lost inches at the very least.

Oh & just since I"m bagging...I have to RAVE about the new Mary Kay limited edition eye color & eye liner. They are AWESOME!!

Singing: I feel pretty oh so pretty I feel pretty & witty & bright. And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight LALALALALALALA

Sunday, March 22, 2009

loving this!

I went off the program last night OH THE HORROR LOL I just made myself giggle out loud LOL. I'm not even going to mention what I ate because today is a new day & it doesn't matter! I feel like I deserved it though & don't really feel too guilty...after 4 hours of raking & 2 hours putting the swing set together after waiting an hour at the store, I burned enough calories LOL

I'm about to head downstairs to make a shake & get the kids breakfast (for a Sunday they are both up early!) Tomorrow I am going to start a 2 day cleanse. I'm looking forward to it! Not that it's the best tasting but I feel so good afterwards, it's well worth it!

Chris was amazed at how I just kept going yesterday...there was no stopping me!
OH & my pants kept falling down LOL You know how heavy people have the shelf above their rear end? Mine is shrinking LOL I guess maybe I should measure to see...maybe tomorrow after I get the kids off to school I will.

Off to enjoy another beautiful day!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

saturday update

Just HAD to update. I spent 4 hours doing a spring clean up in the yard...I feel ALIVE! I feel WONDERFUL!!!
I'm ready for more!
It's not done but we are going to look at swing sets now

Epiphany - I am a verb!

I had an epiphany this morning! Being on Isagenix isn't just about the weight loss & scale to me. Me, who is weighing obsessed when on a diet, I just don't care what it says. It's all about how I am feeling....and I feel AMAZING! Truly, honestly 100% amazing! I am happy, no longer feeling like my life sucks. I am Thrilled beyond belief with small removing a dead leaf & finding new growth. I want to share this with everyone!! I want to scream from the rooftops, I want everyone I know & love to do this. Get the crap out of your bodies! Be Happy Happy, feel happy happy!

I just finished reading The Shack for the third time...LOVE this book! Just like The Traveler's Gift, I find something new every single time I read it. This morning I found my new mantra: I am a verb. I am that I am. I will be who i will be. i am a verb! I am alive, dynamic, ever active and moving. I am a being verb

Thursday, March 19, 2009

out it came!

I pooped! I'm sure you all were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear LOL

Down another pound this morning...but I wasn't that great last night at dinner. I had 3 spareribs with BBQ sauce that I knew wasn't very healthy for me & a tablespoon of Garlic mashed potatoes. Technically I shouldn't have eaten dinner since I had lunch, I should have just had a shake & a small salad if I was hungry....but I guess from pooping I was STARVING!
Sooooooo I did 4 miles on the treadmill & 4 miles on the bike this morning....loooooordy my knees hurt!

I'm thinking of creating a recliner chair/bike. Those seats are just too little & hard LOL OOOO one with a massager on the shoulders & lower back would be ideal, don't ya think??

Anyway, I was feeling guilty this morning so I'm back on track, already had 64 ounces of water & it's only 10AM...I should start floating anytime now.
Check this fingers are still able to interlace! It may sound so simple to thin people but it's such a HUGE deal for me!

I have to buy more fish...I think I"m feeling adventerous today & may try Tilapia...never had it before. I could go for more swordfish if I can find it on sale YUMMMMMMM

Amazing amazing energy as usual! Yesterday I washed my van...I think I was in HS the last time I actually washed my own vehicle! We usually go to the car wash or Chris does it...but *I did it! 2 hours I was scrubbing & drying & doing the windows inside & out.

My emotions have been so even. Happy, confident...even remembering that family in Kmart hasn't shaken my confidence the last 2 days.
TRY ISAGENIX!!! It's ONLY 9 days!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

honesty & great news

Ok so I decided that I would be perfectly honest in this blog on my journey thru Isagenix. So as embarassing it is, I will do just that.
I was up 2 pounds yesterday, however, I was extremely & painfully constipated. I took the Isaflush (supposed to help you go) Monday night & Sunday night but it didn't seem to help. Knowing I had to go to my oldest's wrestling match I didn't want to take a laxitive so I took a softner & went a little bit last night. I'm back down to the 17 pounds total lost. But I took a laxitive about 4 this morning & I feel it just starting to rumble now. I anticipate there being a greater loss tomorrow.

I also am late for my period & I'm sure there is a little water retention going on from that.

BUT!!! Here is the great news! Since I suffered with pre-eclampsia with my oldest (he was born in 1995) I have had problems with my hands in the middle of the night. I couldn't make a tight was like having arthritis & I would have to be up & walking for a long time before I could without it hurting....and least 7 years I haven't been able to fold my hands together with the fingers interlacing. Even to hold hands with Chris, my fingers felt so fat. they didn't fit quite right. Last night, the dogs woke me at 4 to go out & my hands were sooo cold! I was rubbing them together trying to warm them & WHAM! My fingers interlaced AND FIT! Just out of curiousity, I went to try on my engagement ring that I haven't been able to wear since I was 6 months pregnant with my first and it went on! It's obviously tight but I actually got it on & off!!!! I can't believe it!! It's been 13 years since it's even touched my fingers!

One more good news event. I have these PJ pants that are my really fat pj pants. I only wear them when I'm bloated from my period or like yesterday with being constipated. Well, again this morning. I kept hiking them up. They were falling off of me. Seriously slipping down! Amazing!!

I just finished another 2 days of cleanse & am back on shake days. Shake days are just second nature to me now. They are so easy to do I can't believed I ever worried about them.
I have so many friends that I think this would work for....ones that don't even need the weight loss but for the mental break free of the anxiety or depression....I really hope once they see the change in me, they will at the very least complete a 9 day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

it's a cleanse day

That family from yesterday keeps playing in my mind. But it's making it much easier to do the cleanse. My mom made fried chicken last night (they only cook on weekends since I take care of all week) tell me why she would make that knowing that 1) it's unhealthy for everyone & 2) I'm trying to stick to this 100%. It was tough...but that family popped into my head again & I stuck thru it.

I'm on my way downstairs to get my next cleanse. And maybe a few almonds too. Need to eat a little something LOL hopefully it will soak up some of this water LOL I just finished 96 ounce of water....floating merrily along LOL

My sister-in-law sent me such an encouraging text this morning!! Thanks so much Kath!! It really means a lot to have the support.

Part of me wants to be like that Dunkin Donuts commercial where the people climb on their roofs & shout how awesome the coffee it LOL I want to do that about Isagenix. I can't remember the last time I had energy like this before starting eating healthier.

And I'm finding it easier to accomplish one of my other smile more, to be able to chat with random people. I wish there was a way to get people to look inside me & SEE how great I feel.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

challenge's day 17? 19? I lost track. I just finished 6 shake days & will cleanse for 2 days. I feel gooood! I usually go on the treadmill & do anywhere from 3 -5 miles depending on the day & how boring tv is but haven't been on it since thursday. So this morning I went on the bike & did 2.5 miles in 10 minutes. Not too too bad. It was a lot different riding than walking. I may switch on & off every other day & see how I do that way.

Today I had a challenge. I'm heavy..I mean really heavy. Which is why I am so glad that Isagenix is working for me. The energy is helping me to feel better, to move more & the bonus of both is the weight loss. Well, I have been feeling SO good, SO confident...I didn't think twice about running to Kmart for a few things in a baggy shirt & my yoga pants (oh yeah, I have been doing Yoga on demand too). Well, while hurrying thru the toy section to the cleaning section this family of hispanics pass me. The man looks at my belly, takes a double look....speaks to his wife in spanish who turns to look & they bust out laughing. Twice this happened. So I asked Chris for my jacket, i just wanted to cover up. I told him what happened & he sent me on ahead of I passed them, they did it a third time. I'm not self concious, I am not the type to think people are taking about me...i don't care for the most part. But I was feeling so good aboout myself this was like a huge reality slap that I still have so much to go.

I'm ok with the work to do it, I'm ok with being me & finding me & getting healthier...but that really made me feel horrible. It took a lot to come home & not feel sorry for myself. It really would have been easy to just binge & eat crap. But i stayed on course....I did have a diet coke & really shouldn't have but if that's the one "cheat" I have had...I am very proud of myself!!

Tomorrow starts the cleanse. 2 days of cleanse...I can do it, I WILL do it! I will be one of the people you marvel at their before & after pics.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

day LOL Lost count

I don't even know what day I'm on LOL I stretched out my shake days to be able to go out with Chris on Saturday. I didn't do too too bad but my tummy felt uncomfortable all day Sunday. Thank God it was a cleanse day!

I received my 30 day order yesterday & spent time with my awesome coach this morning going over everything. There is this one product; Ionix Supreme that is like an energy booster. Not that I really needed it because just being on the program, period, makes me have energy....but i feel more. I really didn't think that was possible! I've been up & down the stairs several times without really feeling it. I wanted to try to finish a book I'm reading today while in between loads of laundry but I honestly do not want to just sit there. This blog has taken me 20 minutes to get to this part because I keep jumping up to do something.

I'm still stuck at the 13 pound (my scale or 17 pounds if I go by the doctor's scale) because I am bloated. For the first time in 4 years my period is's not possible for me to be pregnant so I'm not quite sure why I'm late...but I'm not worried. Maybe it's just the change in routine & eating.

Chris is away this week, on a business trip in FL & I am playing single mommy on top of everything else I do.I was starting to feel a little wiped out last night...but I slept for 6 hours, got up to let the dogs out & then went back to sleep for another 2 hours!!! I got 8 hours sleep last night! It is seriously unreal to me how wonderful I feel on this.

Aside from my goal of losing weight I feel like showing from the rooftops that everyone should try Isagenix. Seriously!! Even for just the 9 day cleanse to infuse all the good stuff into your body & flush the garbage out. The way you feel is so worth it

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 10

Day is supposed to be a cleanse day. I think I may extend 1 more shake do though so I can have dinner with Chris tonight. He's working again tomorrow & then going on a business trip for the whole week.

I'm feeling GREAT! And want to finish my cleanse but I think I deserve a date night with my hubby too. Plus I have proven to myself I can make good McD's for the kids & didn't even want 1 french fry! So I am confident that I can make good choices to go out to eat

I am continuing on Isagenix & ordered my 30 day yesterday. How can anyone not feel better after doing this program? You feel & see the results continuously.

We have a busy day I'm off.

Feeling: still amazingly energetic...I had more energy yesterday than any days before. I didn't even feel tired until about 9:30 last night!
emotionally: strong & happy! I'm so proud of me

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 8

It's day 8 and it's a little shaky this morning. I'm pmsing....any day that dreaded Aunt Flo is going to show up uninvited and she's already demanding salt & chocolate. I keep trying to squash that urge but seriously...she's bossy!

I've already had 96 ounces of water & it's only noon. My flounder is on the grill as I sit here on the laptop updating. Ummmm!

1 more pound gone as of this morning!!! YAY!!! Total of 12 now by my scale, 17 by the doc's scale. Not too shabby for 8 days huh???
I have SOO much energy today. More than any other day so far. I have gotten a ton done & don't feel like I need to sit or rest or anything. I really wanted to finish the book I am rereading but I have too much energy to just sit there. After I have lunch, I plan to shovel the ice at the end of the driveway that keeps refreezing at night so we can get in & out of the driveway without bumping over it. HA! Never thought I'd voluntarily shovel without having to LMAO!

Last night I tricked my dad. I made meatloaf out of ground turkey & made pasta with whole grain heart healthy pasta. He ate it & didn't notice a difference. Even commented on how good the meatloaf was ! But here is where the stress comes in.....he ate 4 slices of meatloaf about 2" thick each. I always make extra to freeze for the nights AJ has wrestling or baseball or whatever & I need something quick, easy & healthy. Then he had at least 2 cups of pasta. And tried going back for more but I reminded him that Chris & my mom still had to eat. So I'm washing dishes & cleaning up the kitchen and he come in with a ham steak, stick of pepperoni & a chunk of cheddar cheese.
Then he starts huffing, grabs his chest & tells me to get him 2 aspirin. I run...get the aspirin & give it to him. He takes it, sits there huffing & still clutching his chest but won't let me call 911. Finally the pain subsides & he says it's just a little pressure AND THEN SLICES & EATS THE PEPPERONI!!! I swear I could have smacked him! The doctor told him if he doesn't lose weight, he will die and look what he's doing. BLAH! I should be an alcoholic with the stress he causes.

Have I mentioned how much I love my mentor/coach? And my sister-in-law & their other sister. The support coming from that family is really helping me! Really pushing me to stick with it

Feeling: Physically: Awesome...energetic. Slept 6 hours last night straight! 6 HOURS!!! Uninterrupted! Emotionally: great! Even with what my dad pulled, it's not weighing on me like the world on my shoulders. I truthfully feel 95% wonderful....I can't say 100% until I can move without this weight holding me back.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 7

It's mid morning of day 7 and I seriously couldn't feel any better! Super huge bonus...I slept last night! 10:30 - 4!!! That's 5 & a half hours! I know to those that can get 8 or more hours a sleep a night it sounds like nothing but for the last little over 4 years I average 2 or 3 hours sleep. That's a big difference!

Last night I made baked chicken, whole wheat brown rice & salad. I got into a bit of a tiff with my dad because instead of just tasting it first he started adding salt to it. For someone with high blood pressure, kidney failure & heart problems - he does NOT need salt!
In any event that was the only complaint. They actually ate what I made without complaint!

I didn't get on the scale this morning. it was a little crazy getting everyone up & out & since I keep the scale down stairs to deter me from weighing everytime I go into my bathroom it is hard to weigh first thing in the morning.

My shake was YUMMMY this morning! The fruit was just perfect in it & blended nicely LOL That sounds dorky - but it really did!

I drove the boys to their schools this morning, went to the bank & went to CVS. I've already cleaned most of the house...just some vacuuming to do & I'm done with housework. And i spoke to my mentor/coach this morning too. It is SO important to have someone on your side & I couldn't ask for a better person. She truly is warm, caring & perfect at this. When I am ready to move foward with this as a business I hope I can do half the job she does.

Feeling: GREAT!!! I have so much energy it's insane! I even had energy into the evening last night which i almost never do.
Emotionally: I was down last night...for a few reasons but nothing to do with this. It's almost like doing Isagenix is a booster for ther Cymbalta without the horrid side effects

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

changed my mind

Ok, so I changed my mind. This isn't going to be a positive blog. I'm going to make it a blog about my journey with Isagenix. My brother spoke to me about it 2 weeks or maybe it was 3 weeks ago. I researched it, I contacted my doctor about it & was given the OK to give it a shot.
The premise of Isagnenix is a cleansing. You cleanse the toxins out of your, not like an enema LOL it's a whole cleansing...physically & mentally. A bonus side effect? You lose weight! Something I have bee trying to do for many many years now. Funny how just when I decide that I have to be content with me because this IS me, some wonderful opportunity comes along.

The first step is the 9 day program. Well, I'm doing an 11 day program. I started with 2 pre-cleanse days.
I weighed in at the doctor & then on the 2/23 I weighed in at home. There was a 4.3 pound difference (my scale being less) however, when I received the approval to start on this journey I started drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. So, that 4.3 pound difference could very well have been water weight.

Spoke to Isagenix mentor when package arrived. She walked me thru everything, gave me a list of everything I need to do & eat. So supportive! Just adore her :o) day one(thursday 2/26). I was told I could add fruit to the shake but it smelled so good LOL WRONG! Definitely needed fruit. Breakfast was a shake & accelerator capsule, mid morning snack (isagenix snacks (2) and celery), lunch was broiled flounder with steamed broccoli, afternoon snack (isagenix snacks (2) with almonds & celery). Dinner was a shake with 1/2 a banana ...tasted MUCH better! LOL with the accelerator capsule.
FEELING: pretty good! Energetic

Day 2 (Friday 2/27) everything the same but lunch. I had a small salad with baked chicken chunks with lemon juice & a small organic apple. Had a massive caffine headache. Had 1/2 a cup of coffee & by noon it was just a dul thud. Enough to remind me that I have given up coffee LOL.
FEELING: feeling positive, not sleepy like normal. Slept well Thursday night...first time in a very long time that I got a solid sleep instead of waking every few minutes

Day 3 (Saturday 2/28) (this is technically day 1 of the 9 day) - Cleanse day. I set up all my water bottles for the day with the cleanse the night before. Gross! Tasted like bitter sugarless tea. Cleanse at 8, 12, 4 & 8. Small snacks at 10, 2 & 6 (organic apple, isagenix snacks, celery, 1 slice whole wheat bread) Spoke to Isagenix Mentor...she's so wonderful! So supportive & proud of me! This is exactly what I need
FEELING: physically: pretty good! Energetic. emotionally: feeling sorry for myself. Have myself locked in my bedroom with scented candles. Family made grilled saugage with fried peppers & onions. Smells so good!...boy was I having a pity party. Scented candles are my best friend!

Day 4 (Sunday 3/1) Cleanse day 2 - Took Isagenix mentor's suggestion & drank the 4 oz of cleanse straight instead of adding it to water. MUCH better! Tasted more fruity & tolerable without making me gag. Went the same as Saturday with time line.
FEELING: physcially GREAT! Tons of energy. emotionally: feeling sorry for myself. Have myself locked in my bedroom with scented candles. Family made ravioli with meatballs & sauce...OMG the smell was sooo good. Stuck it out though & didn't cave.

Day 5 (Monday 3/1) Shake day - woke up feeling GREAT! SNOW DAY! Decided to switch up lunch & dinner. I have to cook for everyone regardless if I am eating or not (burden of being a homemaker & taking care of my parents needs too). Took out Chicken but family decided no...took out swordfish but again family said no @@ Made swordfish for mom & me with a very small side salad with lemon pepper YUMMM! Family had breaded pork chops (not made by me) with steamed string beans.
emailed with mentor: Made me feel much better!
FEELING: Physically AWESOME!! Emotionally: not bad! stood my ground & made & ate what I needed to

Day 6 (Tuesday 3/2) Shake Day: Weighed this morning. Total of 11 pounds gone according to my scale weigh in - total of 16 pounds gone if I go by my doctor's scale. GO ME GO ME GO ME!!! I will follow the same as I did on day one. I did have a little slip this morning. While trying to get all of the temptation that everyone left around, I ended up eating the little crumbs of brownie left in the pan...probably not equaling more than 1/4 of a brownie...but I'm not happy with myself about it. I will move on & finish the rest of the day on target but I did fall in for temptation. I'm going to try not to dwell on it.

Overall for the first 6 days - met my first mini goal! Only 9 pounds away from my next mini goal & 29 pounds away from my first goal.