Monday, April 13, 2009


It's been a little while since I last updated. I've been up for 2 hours but I'm finally getting sleepy again so I will make this one short.
I can down with food poisoning 12 days ago & my tommy was out of sorts until yesterday. The first 7 days were HORRIBLE!!
So I haven't been following Isagenix to the T. However I did weigh & measure & these are my stats right around when I got sick:

Total Change:
Total Change:
Total Change:
Total Change:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


ok, so like i said, I was going to be completely honest here. Today is a bad day. I finally got my period on Monday & felt fine, yesterday I felt fine. Last night I started feeling dizzy, very tired. Middle of the night I developed a horrible headache that had me throwing up & just plain uncomfortable.
Woke this morning still feeling awful. Now, I have had hypoglycemia since I was 13, and do have anemia that gets bad when I have my period.
I don't know if any of it is related. But after talking to Chris & my mom this morning, we all came to the conclusion that I should eat normally today. Go about it like I would if I was having a hypoglycemic attack or that I'm feeling weak from the anemia.
I only had toast with 1/2 a banana this morning just in case I throw up again. But the dizziness is still there .
I think I'm just going to lie back down & reread The Traveler's Gift for the 150th time. I just love that book so much!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no zits!

So Aunt Flo came right.....I really can't stand her but what am I gonna do? Something hit me this morning.....I dont' usually break out bad, never have but I normally get 1 zit right before she comes. One of those painful ones that take forever to come to ahead or go away. I didn't get on this time!!
AND I pulled out these heavy blue sweat pants this morning because I am always so cold when she's around. Last time I wore them, they felt like I was a sausage tied tightly in the middle & was so uncomfortable in them. Today...they fit perfectly and I feel bloated. Go Me Go me!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

unwanted guest

Well, that unwelcome guest showed up...uninvited. I mean, let's face it! I know I can't be pregnant so can't I just get an outie belly button when it's that time of month instead of making me go thru 7 days of discomfort & inconvenience? Wouldn't that be so much better for everyone??

There was an increase on the scale this morning, but I expected it when I saw my enemy was finally here. For the first time in about a month I am having a craving...I want salty chocolate...same thing every time that *^&%*& come to other time...EVER do I crave chocolate or salt. In fact, salt isn't even something I keep handy to use.

Bonus is that I'm drinking the chocolate Isagenix at least the chocolate craving is taking care of.

I was going to start a 2 day cleanse but I just can't with Aunt Flo around. I'll stay on the shake days until it's lighter & I feel emotionally stable LOL KIDDING! I feel fine! But I would rather have the shakes to control the craving then to really cheat.

My tummy doesn't really hurt this time. I am thinking it's the Isagenix! And my regular panties are fitting comfortable even though I have some bloat....first time for as long as I can remember that I don't have to wear my super fat granny panties for Aunt Flo.

Ohhhhh so get this! This weekend was high 40's & low 50's. I spent most of Saturday & Sunday doing yard clean up. Well, as the sun went down on Saturday & we were still putting together the swing set @@ (a long story LOL) it got cold. So I grabbed the first jacket in the I haven't worn in a few years because I couldn't close zipped!! Zipped all the way up! I could bend a little but it got tight as I did....then on Sunday I again, grabbed the first lighter jacket I could find. I put it on not intending to close it, but just to have it on to keep me a little warm. I stuck my hand in the pocket & found this ticket stub thing from something we went to with Criss Angel in 2003! I haven't worn that jacket since 2003...out of curiousity I snapped it shut...the entire thing closed! When I bent over, they popped open...but I still got them closed!!! That is A HUGE DEAL!!!
UGH! I was going to measure myself...OK after Aunt Flo leaves I have to measure myself. I know from my panties that I have lost inches at the very least.

Oh & just since I"m bagging...I have to RAVE about the new Mary Kay limited edition eye color & eye liner. They are AWESOME!!

Singing: I feel pretty oh so pretty I feel pretty & witty & bright. And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight LALALALALALALA

Sunday, March 22, 2009

loving this!

I went off the program last night OH THE HORROR LOL I just made myself giggle out loud LOL. I'm not even going to mention what I ate because today is a new day & it doesn't matter! I feel like I deserved it though & don't really feel too guilty...after 4 hours of raking & 2 hours putting the swing set together after waiting an hour at the store, I burned enough calories LOL

I'm about to head downstairs to make a shake & get the kids breakfast (for a Sunday they are both up early!) Tomorrow I am going to start a 2 day cleanse. I'm looking forward to it! Not that it's the best tasting but I feel so good afterwards, it's well worth it!

Chris was amazed at how I just kept going yesterday...there was no stopping me!
OH & my pants kept falling down LOL You know how heavy people have the shelf above their rear end? Mine is shrinking LOL I guess maybe I should measure to see...maybe tomorrow after I get the kids off to school I will.

Off to enjoy another beautiful day!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

saturday update

Just HAD to update. I spent 4 hours doing a spring clean up in the yard...I feel ALIVE! I feel WONDERFUL!!!
I'm ready for more!
It's not done but we are going to look at swing sets now

Epiphany - I am a verb!

I had an epiphany this morning! Being on Isagenix isn't just about the weight loss & scale to me. Me, who is weighing obsessed when on a diet, I just don't care what it says. It's all about how I am feeling....and I feel AMAZING! Truly, honestly 100% amazing! I am happy, no longer feeling like my life sucks. I am Thrilled beyond belief with small removing a dead leaf & finding new growth. I want to share this with everyone!! I want to scream from the rooftops, I want everyone I know & love to do this. Get the crap out of your bodies! Be Happy Happy, feel happy happy!

I just finished reading The Shack for the third time...LOVE this book! Just like The Traveler's Gift, I find something new every single time I read it. This morning I found my new mantra: I am a verb. I am that I am. I will be who i will be. i am a verb! I am alive, dynamic, ever active and moving. I am a being verb