Sunday, March 22, 2009

loving this!

I went off the program last night OH THE HORROR LOL I just made myself giggle out loud LOL. I'm not even going to mention what I ate because today is a new day & it doesn't matter! I feel like I deserved it though & don't really feel too guilty...after 4 hours of raking & 2 hours putting the swing set together after waiting an hour at the store, I burned enough calories LOL

I'm about to head downstairs to make a shake & get the kids breakfast (for a Sunday they are both up early!) Tomorrow I am going to start a 2 day cleanse. I'm looking forward to it! Not that it's the best tasting but I feel so good afterwards, it's well worth it!

Chris was amazed at how I just kept going yesterday...there was no stopping me!
OH & my pants kept falling down LOL You know how heavy people have the shelf above their rear end? Mine is shrinking LOL I guess maybe I should measure to see...maybe tomorrow after I get the kids off to school I will.

Off to enjoy another beautiful day!!

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