Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 10

Day is supposed to be a cleanse day. I think I may extend 1 more shake do though so I can have dinner with Chris tonight. He's working again tomorrow & then going on a business trip for the whole week.

I'm feeling GREAT! And want to finish my cleanse but I think I deserve a date night with my hubby too. Plus I have proven to myself I can make good McD's for the kids & didn't even want 1 french fry! So I am confident that I can make good choices to go out to eat

I am continuing on Isagenix & ordered my 30 day yesterday. How can anyone not feel better after doing this program? You feel & see the results continuously.

We have a busy day I'm off.

Feeling: still amazingly energetic...I had more energy yesterday than any days before. I didn't even feel tired until about 9:30 last night!
emotionally: strong & happy! I'm so proud of me

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