Sunday, March 15, 2009

challenge's day 17? 19? I lost track. I just finished 6 shake days & will cleanse for 2 days. I feel gooood! I usually go on the treadmill & do anywhere from 3 -5 miles depending on the day & how boring tv is but haven't been on it since thursday. So this morning I went on the bike & did 2.5 miles in 10 minutes. Not too too bad. It was a lot different riding than walking. I may switch on & off every other day & see how I do that way.

Today I had a challenge. I'm heavy..I mean really heavy. Which is why I am so glad that Isagenix is working for me. The energy is helping me to feel better, to move more & the bonus of both is the weight loss. Well, I have been feeling SO good, SO confident...I didn't think twice about running to Kmart for a few things in a baggy shirt & my yoga pants (oh yeah, I have been doing Yoga on demand too). Well, while hurrying thru the toy section to the cleaning section this family of hispanics pass me. The man looks at my belly, takes a double look....speaks to his wife in spanish who turns to look & they bust out laughing. Twice this happened. So I asked Chris for my jacket, i just wanted to cover up. I told him what happened & he sent me on ahead of I passed them, they did it a third time. I'm not self concious, I am not the type to think people are taking about me...i don't care for the most part. But I was feeling so good aboout myself this was like a huge reality slap that I still have so much to go.

I'm ok with the work to do it, I'm ok with being me & finding me & getting healthier...but that really made me feel horrible. It took a lot to come home & not feel sorry for myself. It really would have been easy to just binge & eat crap. But i stayed on course....I did have a diet coke & really shouldn't have but if that's the one "cheat" I have had...I am very proud of myself!!

Tomorrow starts the cleanse. 2 days of cleanse...I can do it, I WILL do it! I will be one of the people you marvel at their before & after pics.

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