Monday, March 16, 2009

it's a cleanse day

That family from yesterday keeps playing in my mind. But it's making it much easier to do the cleanse. My mom made fried chicken last night (they only cook on weekends since I take care of all week) tell me why she would make that knowing that 1) it's unhealthy for everyone & 2) I'm trying to stick to this 100%. It was tough...but that family popped into my head again & I stuck thru it.

I'm on my way downstairs to get my next cleanse. And maybe a few almonds too. Need to eat a little something LOL hopefully it will soak up some of this water LOL I just finished 96 ounce of water....floating merrily along LOL

My sister-in-law sent me such an encouraging text this morning!! Thanks so much Kath!! It really means a lot to have the support.

Part of me wants to be like that Dunkin Donuts commercial where the people climb on their roofs & shout how awesome the coffee it LOL I want to do that about Isagenix. I can't remember the last time I had energy like this before starting eating healthier.

And I'm finding it easier to accomplish one of my other smile more, to be able to chat with random people. I wish there was a way to get people to look inside me & SEE how great I feel.

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