Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 8

It's day 8 and it's a little shaky this morning. I'm pmsing....any day that dreaded Aunt Flo is going to show up uninvited and she's already demanding salt & chocolate. I keep trying to squash that urge but seriously...she's bossy!

I've already had 96 ounces of water & it's only noon. My flounder is on the grill as I sit here on the laptop updating. Ummmm!

1 more pound gone as of this morning!!! YAY!!! Total of 12 now by my scale, 17 by the doc's scale. Not too shabby for 8 days huh???
I have SOO much energy today. More than any other day so far. I have gotten a ton done & don't feel like I need to sit or rest or anything. I really wanted to finish the book I am rereading but I have too much energy to just sit there. After I have lunch, I plan to shovel the ice at the end of the driveway that keeps refreezing at night so we can get in & out of the driveway without bumping over it. HA! Never thought I'd voluntarily shovel without having to LMAO!

Last night I tricked my dad. I made meatloaf out of ground turkey & made pasta with whole grain heart healthy pasta. He ate it & didn't notice a difference. Even commented on how good the meatloaf was ! But here is where the stress comes in.....he ate 4 slices of meatloaf about 2" thick each. I always make extra to freeze for the nights AJ has wrestling or baseball or whatever & I need something quick, easy & healthy. Then he had at least 2 cups of pasta. And tried going back for more but I reminded him that Chris & my mom still had to eat. So I'm washing dishes & cleaning up the kitchen and he come in with a ham steak, stick of pepperoni & a chunk of cheddar cheese.
Then he starts huffing, grabs his chest & tells me to get him 2 aspirin. I run...get the aspirin & give it to him. He takes it, sits there huffing & still clutching his chest but won't let me call 911. Finally the pain subsides & he says it's just a little pressure AND THEN SLICES & EATS THE PEPPERONI!!! I swear I could have smacked him! The doctor told him if he doesn't lose weight, he will die and look what he's doing. BLAH! I should be an alcoholic with the stress he causes.

Have I mentioned how much I love my mentor/coach? And my sister-in-law & their other sister. The support coming from that family is really helping me! Really pushing me to stick with it

Feeling: Physically: Awesome...energetic. Slept 6 hours last night straight! 6 HOURS!!! Uninterrupted! Emotionally: great! Even with what my dad pulled, it's not weighing on me like the world on my shoulders. I truthfully feel 95% wonderful....I can't say 100% until I can move without this weight holding me back.

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  1. You're doing so awesome Tina. I'm really proud of you! 6 hours is amazing sleep for you :) I'm glad you're getting rest.