Tuesday, March 3, 2009

changed my mind

Ok, so I changed my mind. This isn't going to be a positive blog. I'm going to make it a blog about my journey with Isagenix. My brother spoke to me about it 2 weeks or maybe it was 3 weeks ago. I researched it, I contacted my doctor about it & was given the OK to give it a shot.
The premise of Isagnenix is a cleansing. You cleanse the toxins out of your body...no, not like an enema LOL it's a whole cleansing...physically & mentally. A bonus side effect? You lose weight! Something I have bee trying to do for many many years now. Funny how just when I decide that I have to be content with me because this IS me, some wonderful opportunity comes along.

The first step is the 9 day program. Well, I'm doing an 11 day program. I started with 2 pre-cleanse days.
I weighed in at the doctor & then on the 2/23 I weighed in at home. There was a 4.3 pound difference (my scale being less) however, when I received the approval to start on this journey I started drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. So, that 4.3 pound difference could very well have been water weight.

Spoke to Isagenix mentor when package arrived. She walked me thru everything, gave me a list of everything I need to do & eat. So supportive! Just adore her :o)

Ok....so day one(thursday 2/26). I was told I could add fruit to the shake but it smelled so good LOL WRONG! Definitely needed fruit. Breakfast was a shake & accelerator capsule, mid morning snack (isagenix snacks (2) and celery), lunch was broiled flounder with steamed broccoli, afternoon snack (isagenix snacks (2) with almonds & celery). Dinner was a shake with 1/2 a banana ...tasted MUCH better! LOL with the accelerator capsule.
FEELING: pretty good! Energetic

Day 2 (Friday 2/27) everything the same but lunch. I had a small salad with baked chicken chunks with lemon juice & a small organic apple. Had a massive caffine headache. Had 1/2 a cup of coffee & by noon it was just a dul thud. Enough to remind me that I have given up coffee LOL.
FEELING: feeling positive, not sleepy like normal. Slept well Thursday night...first time in a very long time that I got a solid sleep instead of waking every few minutes

Day 3 (Saturday 2/28) (this is technically day 1 of the 9 day) - Cleanse day. I set up all my water bottles for the day with the cleanse the night before. Gross! Tasted like bitter sugarless tea. Cleanse at 8, 12, 4 & 8. Small snacks at 10, 2 & 6 (organic apple, isagenix snacks, celery, 1 slice whole wheat bread) Spoke to Isagenix Mentor...she's so wonderful! So supportive & proud of me! This is exactly what I need
FEELING: physically: pretty good! Energetic. emotionally: feeling sorry for myself. Have myself locked in my bedroom with scented candles. Family made grilled saugage with fried peppers & onions. Smells so good!...boy was I having a pity party. Scented candles are my best friend!

Day 4 (Sunday 3/1) Cleanse day 2 - Took Isagenix mentor's suggestion & drank the 4 oz of cleanse straight instead of adding it to water. MUCH better! Tasted more fruity & tolerable without making me gag. Went the same as Saturday with time line.
FEELING: physcially GREAT! Tons of energy. emotionally: feeling sorry for myself. Have myself locked in my bedroom with scented candles. Family made ravioli with meatballs & sauce...OMG the smell was sooo good. Stuck it out though & didn't cave.

Day 5 (Monday 3/1) Shake day - woke up feeling GREAT! SNOW DAY! Decided to switch up lunch & dinner. I have to cook for everyone regardless if I am eating or not (burden of being a homemaker & taking care of my parents needs too). Took out Chicken but family decided no...took out swordfish but again family said no @@ Made swordfish for mom & me with a very small side salad with lemon pepper YUMMM! Family had breaded pork chops (not made by me) with steamed string beans.
emailed with mentor: Made me feel much better!
FEELING: Physically AWESOME!! Emotionally: not bad! stood my ground & made & ate what I needed to

Day 6 (Tuesday 3/2) Shake Day: Weighed this morning. Total of 11 pounds gone according to my scale weigh in - total of 16 pounds gone if I go by my doctor's scale. GO ME GO ME GO ME!!! I will follow the same as I did on day one. I did have a little slip this morning. While trying to get all of the temptation that everyone left around, I ended up eating the little crumbs of brownie left in the pan...probably not equaling more than 1/4 of a brownie...but I'm not happy with myself about it. I will move on & finish the rest of the day on target but I did fall in for temptation. I'm going to try not to dwell on it.

Overall for the first 6 days - met my first mini goal! Only 9 pounds away from my next mini goal & 29 pounds away from my first goal.

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